Did you know?

Boiler problem

A person is looking for a furnished apartment to rent in Luxembourg-city, and finally signs a 12-month lease for a 30m2 studio. This accommodation is equipped with an individual gas boiler. After a few months, a mechanical part of the boiler breaks down.In this case, the insurance contract of the person renting does not cover the repair because it does not concern an electrical problem, but a mechanical one. The repair is therefore done by default at the expense of the lessor.

Transform a house into apartments

An investor wants to buy a house to renovate to build furnished studios, and rent them in the Luxembourg-east sector.The business is done very quickly, and he undertakes the renovations: electricity, plumbing, painting; he is creating four independent spaces and is preparing to rent these refurbished homes.Unfortunately, according to the general layout plan, the house which now contains four studios can actually only accommodate one person, or one family; moreover, it only has one parking space, although it should have one per unit ...So, watch out for fake bargains.

Expensives charges

A newcomer to Luxembourg is looking for a furnished apartment to share with two other colleagues in the same situation.He signs a lease mentioning a high amount of charges, but does not pay attention, finding himself in an emergency.After six months, and many discussions with other tenants like him, he decides to dispute the amount of the charges.But this amount, admittedly high, does indeed correspond to reality, mainly because of the parts of the gardens which are part of the rented plot.It is therefore necessary to be well informed before signing a commitment

Buy to resell

A couple wants to buy, in the Esch / Alzette sector, a small old building containing 2 apartments of 40sqm, 2 apartments of 60 sqm, and 2 apartments of 100sqm.They plan to completely renovate them in order to resell them in new condition.After taking into account, among other things, registration fees and the cost of renovation work, it appears that the renovated homes will not generate any profit on resale.In reality, despite the tax on speculation, and on the capital gain, this couple can still obtain a partial refund of the registration fees by making mention (in the compromise and in the deed) their willingness to buy to resell. In this case, he will pay 8.2% instead of 7% on the day of purchase, but may be reimbursed 6%, if he resells in the first or second year after purchase, or 4.8% if it resells in the third or fourth year after purchase.Knowing this, some businesses can ultimately prove to be profitable.